Non-Refundable <span class="new-line">flexible</span>

Non-Refundable flexible

A novel idea in the matter of non-refundable rates

Why not ensure yourself some benefits while getting rid of the risk of non-refundable charges?

Buy a non-refundable charge and benefit from a 10% discount as well as the possibility to have your arrival date deferred, in the event of your being unable, for whatever reason, to travel on the specific date.Here's how it works: If you accept to redeem in advance the overall cost of your stay, originally scheduled on a given date,you may request for a change of your arrival date to a different date, by merely compensating for a difference in rate (if any).

A sine-non condition for this benefit to apply: you are kindly requested to let us know of the desired change to your reservation in time-ideally within at least 10 days prior to the confirmed date of your original booking.