Lindos fineSTAYING

The team of Lindos Fine Staying guarantees to provide high quality services: from staying at an artistic quality accommodation, to car rental, reservation at the restaurant of your choice and organising events for your most special moments. Enjoy true hospitality in a traditional house, almost 100 years old.

Unique Experience... Exceptional Location

The picturesque settlement of Lindos as we know it today, with its whitewashed limestone houses reflecting on the azure immensity of the Aegean, was built on the remains of an ancient, Dorian town that once thrived at this very foot of the steep-sloped rocky hill.

Dazzling beaches offering their crystal-clear water for swimming and scuba diving, the delectable local cuisine and a bustling night light are but some features making of Lindos a favorite destination for thousands of visitors.


Staying in Lindos Fine Staying Hotel & Residences
is absolutely a unique experience, we shall only be too happy to offer you!

Simplicity is the new luxury. This is the new philosophical trend amongst travellers. World travellers now seek small, authentic accommodation options, which will help them relax, feel as if they are locals, but still be themselves in a design-oriented atmosphere. This new concept led to the creation of the F Charm Suites.


Basic Tight Double Room

Basic Tight Double Room

Superior Double Room

Superior Double Room

Superior  Suite

Superior Suite

Deluxe Junior Suite

Deluxe Junior Suite


Lindos Art mansion

1938 art SUITE

This accommodation could not be anything less than an Art Suite.
An old stone wall dominates the space,
forming an excellent background for the bedroom.


Sleep on Nature with COCO-MAT

Comfortable, relaxing sleep is the cornerstone of great hospitality for our guests.


Add the finishing touch of comfort to your bed, thanks to our signature top-mattresses and mattress toppers.


Find the pillow of your dreams among our selection of 4 unique, customizable pillows, filled with flakes of natural rubber, premium quality down and feathers.


Bed linen made of 100% cotton in a beautiful selection of colors and patterns to match your mood and style.

So many reasons to visit Lindos

Lindos lies on the east coast of the island. It is about 50 km south of the town of Rhodes and its fine beaches make it a popular tourist and holiday destination. Lindos is situated in a large bay and faces the fishing village and small resort of Haraki.